The Royal Couple, Prince William and Kate Middleton have been sculpted into a cake… hmm…

I’m a sucker for big floral arrangements, especially ones this gorgeous.  I’ve always had a soft spot for Empty Vase (read: obsession), ever since a co-worker received a bouquet several years back.  Subtle hints to the hubby apparently haven’t been heard, so I console myself by drooling over arrangements like these:

The Succulent Spring


I’m delighted and honored to bring you our first fab wedding couple, Haeli and Malcolm! They were married in beautiful San Diego – it had been pouring cats and dogs for days prior to the wedding, and they were resigned to the fact that the wedding might have had to be held indoors – luckily, the morning of, the sun came out shining and all was well. Could it have been anymore meant to be?

Adorbs cake toppers

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OneWed has two red carpet hair trends that would be perfect for weddings, from Anne Hathaway’s chignon, to Reese Witherspoon’s retro ponytail.

A dating site to find your very own Prince William?

McDonald’s weddings are growing in popularity for couples in Hong Kong.

Among other odd locations, how about getting married at Whole Foods?

Free wedding dresses for military brides.


  • GIA #: 5121745439
  • Metal: 950 Platinum
  • Diamond Shape:  Round Brilliant
  • Minimum Diamond Weight: 6.77 ct
  • Diamond Clarity: Internally Flawless ( IF )
  • Diamond Color: Colorless ( D )
  • Diamond Cut: Excellent
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    A great alternative to renting dresses would be purchasing secondhand. In today’s economic climate, it’s no surprise that many brides are beginning to consider secondhand items, such as bridesmaids dresses, wedding dresses,champagne flutes, and other related items.  Some interesting facts from the article:

    • Wearing a $7,000 gown for six hours translates to $20 a minute (!!)
    • Purchasing a barely worn gown can save more than half of the original retail cost
    • Retail markup on engagement rings run as high as 300% – a buyer on recently purchased a $700 ring that later appraised for $4600.  Score!
    • During 2009, sales of pre-owned wedding dresses jumped 169% at

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    I love that Rent the Runway has begun offering bridesmaids dresses – kind of wondering why wedding gowns weren’t included, but I’m sure it’s in the works.  I mean, how often have you re-worn your bridesmaid dress?  I have several shoved in the back of my closet, and I haven’s the slightest idea when I’ll be able to re-use them. I have thought about shortening or tailoring it one way or another but never got around to it, and they don’t seem appropriate to donate to Goodwill.
    There are a quite a few mom and pop stores near where I live in the Los Angeles area that rent wedding and bridesmaids dresses, and I always wondered why they couldn’t take the business online, so there you are.  Admittedly, most of the dresses look like toned down party dresses (more wear to the wedding, not for) and not so much bridesmaid dresses, but look hard enough and you’ll definitely find a few suitable ones.  A few that would definitely work:

    See by Chloe, Mauve on Over. Rent $50, Retails $395

    The Grecian drape is big for 2011 – minimalistic, modern, and chic, it’s a simple and elegant look.  The pink/nude color tone would show off exotic florals really well.

    Thread Social - Burgundy Fairy Tale Dress. Rent $75, Retails $550

    Love the dark jewel tones on this one!  It’s dramatic yet understated, with a cute, fun flair.